Case Design

Pinnacle’s case design team is dedicated to supporting all your sales and marketing efforts. With access to a robust selection of products, we are able to provide objective quotes and product comparisons, ensuring you the best possible solution for your clients.

Services Provided

  • Case Design Desk -- Handles all of your needs for quotes, case design, policy holder services and marketing materials. Someone is always available from 8am to 7:00pm through a dedicated phone line -- 1-800-356-1167, option 1 -- or email the Pinnacle Case Design Desk
  • Case Initiation -- we offer three approaches to case initiation; size and complexity will determine which will be the most effective for each case
  • Field Underwriting -- Case Design gathers client data to define appropriate class and how we should quote the client
  • Appropriate Products -- Determine the best product for each client based on client criteria and needs.
  • Product Comparison -- Provide an easy to read product comparison spreadsheet which includes premium, death benefit, and cash flow
  • Policy Review -- Provide in-depth summary and analysis of existing policies, including observations and proposed options
  • Applications -- Provide you with the necessary carrier application forms

For more information regarding Case Design, please contact the Pinnacle Case Design Desk at 1-800-356-1167, option 1.