Life Settlements

Pinnacle has partnered with Life Insurance Solutions, LLC to help facilitate Life Settlement transactions. With ties to over 20 licensed institutional funders, Life Insurance Solutions has the most comprehensive network available, offering flexibility to your clients when they need it most.

Although the life settlement process shares some common steps with a life insurance inquiry, it does involve some substantially different issues and understanding. Pinnacle has the knowledge and expertise necessary to assist you and your policy owners in navigating the life settlement process.

Pinnacle Life Settlement Program

The Pinnacle life settlement program offers full transparency to its clients during the process and will:
  • Provide objective policy assessments before processing any case
  • Provide the client with a review of all alternatives
  • Take responsibility for all processing and documentation of the life settlement case
  • Utilize state-of-the-art software to set case values and solicit the best bids
  • Improve the overall success rate of closing a life settlement case

For more information on Life Settlements, please contact Dave Fastenberg at 1-800-356-1167, x102.